De Toren Delicate

Import method: original bottl e imported.  

Grape varieties: 49%Malbec,20%Merlot,16%Ca bernet Franc,15%Cabernet Sauvignon. 


Tasting notes:De Toren Délicate reveals an exemplar ily sensory pleasure of fresh, luscious red straw berries with deep, elegant flavours and a

mystical aroma of cinnam on. slightly chilled. The gentl e balance of acidity gives this wine its unique character of being fresh, youthful and ligh t.This silky-smooth Malbec- dominated blend, is a super
bly fresh, light styled red blend that reveals its exquisite nature when served

  • Capacity : 750ML
  • Price : ¥430.00
  • Membership Price : ¥330.00

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